Proving print’s power in the digital age with a centuries old brand.

Client USPS is one of the country’s oldest institutions, but in a world of digital options, mail is often overlooked as a marketing channel.

2024 Political Mail Primer


Create a suite of compelling campaign pieces and revamp the Deliver the Win political mail website for the 2024 election season.

My role — Creative director, art director, web designer, design system component library devleoper/manager


The update leveraged the brand’s classic bold swiss style—but brought in a spunky gradient of red, white and blue element to keep any individual piece from looking partisan. Care was taken to give the site a significant look and feel rennovation without throwing out the existing infrastructure.

Campaign Mail Handbook

The 2024 primer’s design was set by the initial piece created — a print handbook for everything campaign mail as a physical reference for political strategists. The modern, crisp spiral bound handbook fits into existing brand standards without looking dated to draws in the younger strategists who tend to think of mail last. 

A sample book fit for presidential campaigns


USPS political mail consultants needed a set of hardworking political mail samples to show to potential customers —and a way to package them as a set.

My role — art director, designer


A large-scale, interactive sample book that houses a set of samples from two opposing faux candidates running for president. The book cleverly holds a sample in each page spread that gives context to how mail can combine with digital advertising to effectively drive voter action.

Companion web experience

The sales team needed a digital version of the kit that mimicked the original book so campaign teams wouldn’t be limited to the one physical copy that was shared with them. The content was reinterpreted into an interactive ebook for easy sharing across campaign teams.

View the site:

An award-winning campaign that proves how effectively an old medium reaches new voters


The political landscape changes with each new generation of voters. Mail is a valuable channel that is rated as more trustworthy than other advertising mediums especially by younger audiences, but is often overlooked—especially by younger campaign strategists.

Role — art director, lead designer


Create a campaign to change the perception about mail’s effectiveness by creating a suite of assets that showcase the paradigm shifts in voter demographics—and how mail is the way to reach new voters.

Campaign results

Despite a decreased budget and shorter in-market time, it brought in 112% more revenue than previous years for a total of 4.7 billion pieces of political mail.

Best Brand Campaign

2020 Drum B2B Awards

Campaign of the Year

2021 Adweek
Performance Marketing Action Awards


2021 Effie Awards for Government & Public Service and Current Events.

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