Whitney loves Salt Lake City.

Local work gives me warm fuzzies.

MRM West bandana

Company swag for the creative team to give a sense of belonging and highlight what makes us west.

Protest poster

A play off of Utah’s ‘Life elevated’ campaign that supports conservation efforts.

Dented Brick labels

Challenge The distillery’s label designs had been done as liquors were created, causing one-off labels that didn’t quite feel like a family.

Solution Unify the bottles by creating a simple graphic that was a literal representation of the name and origin story of the company. Bold colors made the bottles easy to identify and typography pulled inspiration from existing brand assets, giving the labels a refresh without departing from the brand’s existing feel.

Dented Brick premium line

Concepts for the distillery’s premium line that would distinguish the top shelf products, but feel like a happy family with the well line.

Utah Bike Week identity

A whimsical graphic to promote the university’s annual bike week.

Bunny Hop poster

Donated art to the most fashionable annual easter party (and fundraiser) in the city.

Ballet West marketing

Challenge Ballet West is a premiere dance company, but their marketing materials weren’t giving that impression.

Solution Clean photography, minimal consistent typography, and subtle illustrated graphics elevated the brand without being a distraction from the real stars of the show—the dancers..

University of Utah Department of Theatre posters


The U of U needed fresh graphics to advertise their student’s season of shows.


Created unified posters for multiple seasons leveraging splashy, energetic illustrations to make the shows feel playful and modern instead of dated and dry.

Presenting Shakespeare: 1,100 Posters from Around the World

3 posters designed during my time freelancing for the U were selected to be featured in this compilation of Shakespearian advertising by Mirko Ilic (Author), Steven Heller (Author), Julie Taymor (Preface)

Cotopaxi T-shirt graphics

Commissioned shirt designs to appeal to hikers + campers. (not produced)

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